Celebrating 15 years of Healing Rooms

It was 15 years ago on Wednesday 29th January 2003 the Healing Rooms of Halifax opened. How did it start and what has happened since?

It all started when Paul Clift, a leader in Kings Church Halifax went to Spokane, WA, USA at the end of February 2002. He attended a training course in how to pray for people to receive Christian Healing run by the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). During the next few months a team of over 30 people from local churches were trained resulting in the first IAHR Healing Room being opened in the UK.

During 2003 many people visited the Healing Rooms of Halifax from all over the nation including Cornwall, London, Carlisle, the Midlands and many more places. A few more Healing Rooms opened in other places so Paul and Eve started to run training courses in other towns. In November 2003, Cal Pierce founder of IAHR and a team from Spokane, came to Halifax and spoke at the first Healing Rooms Conference. After the conference Paul and Eve Clift were appointed as National Directors.

As the number of Healing Rooms grew a charity was formed in 2008 which is now called Healing Rooms England & Wales. The number of Healing Rooms has continued to grow and at the beginning of 2018 there were a total of 72 Healing Rooms in England and Wales. There has also been innovation resulting in the development of Market Place Healing Rooms.

The Market Place Model for Healing Rooms was developed in conjunction with Costa Coffee Ltd just over 5 years ago by Veronica Mee. There are now several Healing Rooms operating in Costa Coffee during their normal business hours and this model has also been used in other locations as well as in the mobile Healing Rooms in Norfolk. The mobile Healing Rooms operate in a public car park, at a car boot sale between April and October and in a car park of a city centre Anglican Church.

Paul and Eve Clift have also visited other nations and have been instrumental in helping them set up Healing Rooms. They were appointed as Divisional Directors to look after some of these nations which include Czech Republic, Latvia, Moldova, Romania and others. For example, in October 2017 a team from Halifax visited Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare in Romania. They taught in a Bible College in Cluj-Napoca and spoke at a conference in Baia Mare. Next month, February 2018, Paul will be returning to Latvia with the Directors of Northampton Healing Rooms.

Paul and Eve Clift will remain as Directors for the Healing Rooms of Halifax and Divisional Directors for Europe South East but will be handing over Healing Rooms England & Wales to David and Veronica Mee on 1st April 2018.

On Sunday 28th January 2018 there will be a celebration of 15 years of the Healing Rooms of Halifax at the Kings Church, Park Road, Halifax HX1 2TS. After the Sunday morning meeting a large celebration cake will be shared amongst the congregation.


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